Pablo Sanz Almoguera (Madrid, 1981) is a Spanish sound artist currently based in The Netherlands. Since 2001 he has made forays into photography, live video, radio, djing, experimental sound creation and a number of editorial projects with an independent and eclectic attitude, in combination with his professional background in audiovisual media.

Following his participation in the international Sonology course at the Institute of Sonology of The Hague in 2007, he enrolled ArtScience, an interfaculty program at the Royal Academy of Arts, the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague and the University of Leiden. Within this environment, he is currently developing his art practice and research, with the support and coaching of Edwin van der Heide, Joel Ryan, Raviv Ganchrow and Justin Bennett among others. In addition, he has participated in workshops and seminars held by Chris Watson, Francisco López, Manuel Rocha, Pauline Oliveros and others, participating as well in collaborative international artistic projects.

Some of his work has been self-released mainly through the internet, by several netlabels and included in compilations as well. Live events include festivals and venues in Spain and The Netherlands. In the field of remix and dj culture, he has been producing the series ‘From 20 to 20000 hz’ for years, performing live mixing sessions and creating radio and online releases.

In addition, since 2004 he has been involved in the project, an online publication and collective platform devoted to the dissemination of sonic arts, audiovisual activism and aural culture, contributing as a blogger and as editor for commissioned projects. He is also a member of the community and coordinator of its online radio network.

His current practice focuses on site specific sound, noise, phonography and the use of found, concrete and environmental raw materials, working towards the creation of sonic experiences which make use of different formats and technologies. His work aims to explore relationships between sound, space, location, memory and perception.